Chapin Home for the Aging is one of New York’s leading facilities in short– term rehabilitation. Chapin Home offers 6 days a week therapy for residents requiring care for multiple medical needs following a hospitalization‚ and prior to returning home in order to meet the needs of each resident. Comprehensive‚ multidisciplinary teams comprised of Physical, Occupational and speech therapists develop and adapt individualized programs to meet each patient’s long or short–term needs. Our goal is to accommodate an enhanced therapy experience while providing excellent continuity of care.

Our highly skilled Physical‚ Occupational and Speech therapists incorporate Chapin’s state of the art equipment into collaborative treatment sessions‚ enabling each of these therapies to achieve excellent rehabilitative outcomes with our residents. Chapin Home’s Activities of Daily Living kitchen allows our therapists to concentrate on ADL skills in preparation for the resident’s successful return to home. Our dedicated Speech Language Pathologists work closely with individuals who have communication‚ swallowing and cognitive impairments to achieve the highest level of functional outcomes.

Whether a resident is recovering from an accident‚ injury‚ surgery or illness‚ our active and dynamic rehabilitation team will assist them in achieving their rehab goals so they can return home as soon as possible. While we have many patients recovering from joint replacements‚ hip fractures and CVAs‚ we also treat amputations as well as cardiac‚ neurological and pulmonary diagnoses.

The spacious yet nurturing rehabilitation center at Chapin Home for the Aging offers residents access to highly advanced equipment and technology to enhance their recovery.
Under the supervision of certified physical and occupational therapists‚ residents utilize adaptive equipment and home management skills such as dressing‚ bed–making‚ car transfer‚ stair training and food preparation‚ to prepare for a safe return home. Our goal is to assist residents in regaining strength‚ mobility and confidence in order to make the transition to the home environment.

Chapin Home for the Aging offers residents and families an extensive education program which includes a review of home safety techniques‚ adaptive equipment needs and coordination with family and home care services.