165-01 Chapin Parkway
Jamaica, NY 11432

Chapin Home  Wifi Hotspot Etiquette

  1. 1. We're not only a WiFi hotspot: The Multi-Purpose Room is used for many leisure activities and we ask that you please be mindful of others in the room. There will be times when this room will not be available due to scheduled activities that our residents enjoy attending.


  1. 2. Charge Up: before taking your portable device to our hotspot, there will be little to no access to extra power. For safety reasons we cannot have electric cables across our floors where others walk. An extra battery is a good idea.


  1. 3. Keep it Clean #1: Be mindful of the websites you visit, and files you may open while in a public place. Avoid any potentially offensive material.


  1. 4. Keep it Clean #2: Police your area and minimize the work required to prepare your area for the next visitor.


  1. 5. No copies available: Our WiFi hotspot does not have access to a printer. Please anticipate printing from your home connection.


  1. 6. Don't Hog Bandwidth: Keep the downloads to a minimum. Large file downloads when there's a large group of users sharing bandwidth is a no-no.*


  1. 7. Keep it Down: Not everyone wants to hear your music or your videos or whatever other kind of audio you're listening to. Use earphones or discreetly low volume setting and give those around you a break.


  1. 8. Mind the Traffic: If it's not too crowded, then an extended stay to work from your laptop is probably ok. Once things start getting more crowded, though, it may be time to pack it up for the day.


  1. 9. Obey House Rules: Chapin has policies regarding: internet access, not sharing our password, maximum usage durations, visiting appropriate sites, unlawful internet use.


  1. 10. Senior on Computer: Please keep the senior you are visiting interested in the computer possibilities. Get them involved in viewing pictures, emails and fun websites such as: www.modernsenior.net, www.99andover.com, and www.Suddenlysenior.com.


*Wireless Networks are a shared resource: the more users connected to a wireless access point, the less bandwidth available to each of them. Please be considerate of fellow community members. Downloading large files (movie trailers, MP3s, etc.), streaming audio & video, and using file sharing services are better done with wired connection at home.